Target Board for RX231


Iot機器を作成するためにTarget Board for RX231を購入しました。
Target Board for RX231【RTK5RX2310C00000BR】
¥2,980(税抜) です。

オンチップデバッギングエミュレータ兼フラッシュプログラマであるE2 Liteを搭載しています。格安である上、エミュレータを別途購入する必要はありません。

I bought a Target Board for RX 231 to create an Iot device.
Target Board for RX231【RTK5RX2310C00000BR】
It is ¥ 2,980 (tax excluded).
E2 Lite which is an on-chip debugging emulator and flash programmer is carried. In addition to being cheap, there is no need to purchase an emulator separately.
I am afraid that they do not have an external quartz oscillator to keep it cheap. Two LEDs for user and one switch are mounted on the mounted parts. All pins of the microcomputer are connected to two 50-pin header. The power supply is supplied from USB, so that it can be switched between 3.3 V and 5 V. An external power supply can also be used if pattern cutting is done. Since extra parts such as LCD are not attached, I think that it is optimal for evaluating the system, not to evaluate the function and performance of the microcomputer, but to incorporate it into the application in the target application. For only people who have knowledge to connect, such as communication and sensors to some extent, since only operation of LED and switches can be confirmed if only board is used. Also, neither 50 pin connector nor PMOD connector nor jumper pin is mounted. You can solder pin sockets and pin headers to the desired part in any direction. Again, I think that it is suitable for people who can form peripheral circuits to a certain extent with clear purpose of use.

我為RX 231買了一塊目標板來創建一個Iot設備。

Target Board for RX231【RTK5RX2310C00000BR】
E2 Lite是一個片上調試仿真器和閃存編程器。 除了便宜之外,不需要單獨購買仿真器。
我試圖以低廉的價格壓制它,我擔心他們沒有外部石英振盪器來保持便宜。 用戶和一個開關的兩個LED安裝在安裝的部件上。微型計算機的所有引腳都連接到兩個50針接頭。電源由USB供電,因此可在3.3 V和5 V之間切換。如果完成圖案切割,也可以使用外部電源。由於沒有連接LCD等額外部件,我認為它是評估系統的最佳選擇,不是評估微機的功能和性能,而是將其納入目標應用中的應用。對於只具有連接知識的人,如通信和傳感器,在某種程度上,因為只有使用電路板才能確認LED和開關的操作。此外,既沒有安裝50針連接器,也沒有安裝PMOD連接器和跳線銷。您可以將插針插針和插針頭焊接到任何方向的所需部件。同樣,我認為它適用於能夠在一定程度上形成外圍電路並且具有明確使用目的的人。


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