Target Board for RX65N


Iot機器を作成するためにTarget Board for RX231を準備しましたがちょっとSRAMが足りなかったのでサイズが多きいTarget Board for RX65Nを購入しました。
Target Board for RX65N【RTK5RX65N0C00000BR】
¥2,980(税抜) です。RX231と同価格ですので高性能でお得です。
RX231と同様にオンチップデバッギングエミュレータ兼フラッシュプログラマであるE2 Liteを搭載しています。


I prepared a Target Board for RX 231 to create an Iot device but I bought a Target Board for RX 65 N with a large size because I did not have enough SRAM.
Target Board for RX65N【RTK5RX65N0C00000BR】
It is ¥ 2,980 (tax excluded). Because it is the same price as RX 231, it is profitable with high performance.
Like the RX 231, E2 Lite which is an on-chip debugging emulator and flash programmer is carried.
As well as RX 231 it does not have an external quartz oscillator to suppress it cheaply. Two LEDs for user and one switch are mounted on the mounted parts. All pins of the microcomputer are connected to two 50-pin header. Power supply is supplied from USB. RX65N does not support 5V, it is only 3.3V.
I would like to attach IoT devices with sensors attached.

我為RX 231準備了一個目標板來創建一個Iot設備,但我為RX 65 N購買了一個大尺寸的目標板,因為我沒有足夠的SRAM。
Target Board for RX65N【RTK5RX65N0C00000BR】
它是¥2,980(不含稅)。 因為它與RX 231的價格相同,所以它具有高性能的盈利。
與RX 231一樣,E2 Lite是一個片上調試仿真器和閃存編程器。
和RX 231一樣,它沒有外部石英振盪器來廉價地抑制它。 用戶和一個開關的兩個LED安裝在安裝的部件上。 微型計算機的所有引腳都連接到兩個50針接頭。 電源由USB供電。 RX65N不支持5V,僅為3.3V。



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